The More You Think About Selling,

The Less you Will Sell

Throughout Succeed Without Selling, Diane Helbig shares not only a philosophy of what actually works in the 21st century but provides tactical ideas and templates so salespeople can start immediately.

Being successful at sales has nothing to do with “selling”. The best salespeople are the ones who are curious, not closing. Succeed Without Selling contains everything a small business owner or sales professional needs to know about what it takes to be successful. From prospecting to discovery to referrals and strategic alliances, it’s all covered. There are even chapters for sales managers, direct sellers, and service providers. 

Within Succeed Without Selling, there are resources, like sample scripts and proposal templates, in the back of the book. Anyone who wants to grow their business will find actionable, easy-to-follow information to help them embrace the value of being more interested in others than in making the sale. Succeed Without Selling changes the way readers look at the sales process forever and stops them from engaging in behaviors that just don’t work.



Business Gurus Share Tips to

Accelerate Your Business Growth

From cold calling to entrepreneurship to negotiating to writing effectively, and more, business gurus share their expertise on the Accelerate Your Business Growth radio show, and within this book.


We've gathered the wisdom of the best business minds in the world in an effort to provide you with insights you can use. You'll find invaluable information to help you grow your business with the details of some of the most listened to episodes. Read on, tune in, and embrace success.



Accelerate Your Small Business Growth

As a small business owner the growth of your business rests squarely on your shoulders. Like many business owners you may not be comfortable with selling. But it's tough to grow a business if you don't master the sales process. The good news is sales doesn't have to be complicated.

Finally, we've made the small business sales process Lemonade Stand Selling! This book is a no nonsense, easy to understand resource for everything sales - from defining the value of your product or service to successfully closing deals.


You'll learn the Lemonade Stand Selling approach to:

  • Prospecting

  • Presenting

  • Networking

  • Handling Objections

  • Closing

  • Nurturing your client base

  • And much more

Why make selling complicated and confusing?  After all, you knew just what to do as a kid. Lemonade Stand Selling gives you the tools you need to accelerate the growth of your small business.


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"Diane Helbig brings the humanity back into selling. As she deftly points out, selling in a world where customers have access to all the information they want, is a world apart from the pre-internet days when most sales tropes you’ve heard were established. If your job requires selling, but the act of selling doesn’t appeal to you or feels awkward, you’ll find Helbig’s book a useful reframe of the selling game and ultimately, you’ll be more successful."


David A. Fields, Managing Director


It was a beautiful day to spend outside reading Diane Helbig amazing new book. Thank you, Diane, for the great insights, and the worksheets, which I love. I highly recommend putting this book on the top of your professional development reading list.


Suman Kapur, M.S.

CEO-Well Balanced Solutions | Professional Development Consultant


It's common for a business to struggle at some point. Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast helps small business owners, salespeople, and aspiring entrepreneurs with various aspects of business success and development.


Diane Helbig interviews guests from all over the world that are experts in their field and have excellent business insight and knowledge to share. Conversations range from sales to employee issues, technology to social media, work-life balance to exploring uncharted territories, and much more.


If you are ready to grow your business or want to hear some expert business strategies, then Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast is for you!


All shows are recorded and archived on iTunes. Listeners can also download the mobile app Stitcher, to be able to access the show from anywhere.

Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast
Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast.

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