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With more than 20 years of experience in small business management and sales, Diane Helbig is a resourceful mentor who has been advising small business owners and sales professionals to operate more constructively and profitably, helping them develop their own personalized and effective strategies. No two businesses are the same, nor should their processes be. 


Whether you are working hard but feeling like you aren’t getting anywhere, would like someone you can talk with confidentially about your business, systems, processes, or accountability, or would like a better understanding of what is required to build and maintain a successful business Diane is the advisor you can rely on.


It's time to SEIZE THIS DAY and grow your business! If your business is struggling with sales, accountability, systems, or productivity, then you need to partner with us to improve your business. 

The Seize This Day division of Helbig Enterprises, Inc. focuses on guiding small business owners through strategy development and implementation. Each small business owner is unique. You bring your past, personality, and passions with you to your business. These inform how you will proceed.


There are no canned programs here because no two business owners are the same. Together we explore where you are, where you want to go, and what it will take to get you there.

My Superpower is the ability to embrace the possibilities while living in reality. It’s a powerful dance that produces meaningful strategies and greater results. As I like to say, “I can only live in reality. Won’t you join me here?”


When you’re too ‘in it’ to see it clearly, hiring a business advisor can help you cut through the noise. You can move your business forward with an experienced business professional who is skilled at identifying why issues exist as well as providing solutions to those issues

Not sure whether you could benefit from working with Diane? Schedule a no-obligation, complimentary 30 minute phone consultation. It’s a great first step!

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Receive focused, individualized attention, insights, and guidance. My programs are a collaboration between me and my client. While you bring the issues and topics, I bring the knowledge and skill to navigate toward resolutions. Believing that to be successful you must take a journey from the inside out, we focus on discovering who you are, how you think, what you value, and where you’re stuck. 


Once we’ve created your individualized strategy, I walk beside you while you implement it. We monitor progress, adjust where necessary, and celebrate accomplishments. 


If it makes sense for your leadership team to be included in the process, we can make that happen. This program involves investing in a block of hours to be used as needed. This gives us the flexibility of providing you what you need, when you need it.


Ii includes unlimited text, email, and phone call (up to 10 minutes) availability between sessions so you can get timely input.

Strategic Planning


So many small business owners struggle with developing strategies that they can effectively implement. Either they follow others, are challenged by conventional wisdom, and/or are great technicians who don’t know anything about being a business owner.


Motivated to improve the world one small business at a time, I guide business owners through the process of creating business development strategies that speak to who they are, what they believe, and where they want to go Whether it’s sales systems or employee issues, we stay in reality while embracing possibilities.


Honoring the notion that once an owner has a plan they might be able to fly solo, the Plan Creation program stands alone. 


We invest up to 3 hours to take a deep dive into your business and create a strategy as unique as you.

The Growth Circle


For small business owners who prefer feedback and input from other dynamic business leaders in addition to professional business advisory services, the Coaching Circle is ideal.


  • Gain support from your peers.

  • Realize guidance and insight from certified, experienced business advisor, Diane Helbig.

  • Get the accountability you seek.


  • Growth Circles meet once a month for 3 hours over a 6 month period. 

  • Group size limited to between 4-8 business owners.

  • Exclusive categories so no two members are in the same industry.



Business Opportunity Network

Does this sound familiar? As a business owner or sales professional you might:

  • Love having autonomy, but often feel isolated and alone “at the top.”

  • Realize you need to learn new ways of doing things, but aren’t sure where to start.

  • Want to have the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas, and challenges with fellow professionals.

  • Suspect you could benefit from some additional input and support from a business advisor.

  • Yearn to spend focused time on your own development but can’t seem to find the time.


If this sound like you, you are in the right place. The Business Opportunity Network (BON) is built on an innovative model of peer support and facilitated business coaching. Our members:

  • Receive the tools, strategies and knowledge they need to be more successful.

  • Build strong relationships with fellow members – less isolation, more support and often new business opportunities.

  • Focus twice a month to work on themselves, as well as their business.

  • Gain the benefit of professional business coaching at an affordable price.

  • Develop professionally as well as personally.


Current Chapters:

  • In-person – Westlake Ohio and Independence Ohio

  • Virtual – coming soon



Touchpoint Accountability Program

Sometimes all you need is an accountability partner. Okay, a partner with good business sense! This phone check-in program is designed for the motivated, busy business leader who knows they are more productive when they have someone holding the accountable for their progress.


With a 30-minute phone call once a week, you’ll find yourself accomplishing your goals! Together we review your plan, discuss your progress, and plan for the next moves.


Sign up today and get started realizing a significant improvement in your business!

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There's no doubt the past couple of years have been interesting, to say the least.

It's time to plan for success in 2023!

During this 2-hour workshop we’ll focus on:

  • Establishing goals for 2023

  • Creating action steps

  • Embracing a monitoring system

  • Using SILOs to keep your focus



Limited seating available.


December 6, 20228:30 - 10:30 AM ET The Biz Hive

431 West Liberty Street, Medina

Investment: $47


Business Plan

What's Being Said About -

Business Opportunity Network

“I’ve been a member of the Business Opportunity Network since
its inception. What most attracted me to the group is that it fulfills two aspects of business growth that I continuously need — networking AND coaching. I can’t think of another group that does both so successfully. Diane’s coaching / leadership is invaluable to my business, and the relationships I’ve built with other members have truly kept us moving in a positive direction. I always leave meetings feeling energized and recharged for the week ahead. And when I think about where to spend my valuable “out of office” time — our group meetings are always at the top of my list. The Business Opportunity Network is a tremendous asset to my business.”

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