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From sales to leadership to customer service, and more, improving the skill sets you and your team have is essential to the sustainability and success of your business. 


When something is not working well, your business teams need to learn actionable, specific strategies they can embrace to improve outcomes. Diane's training method focuses on actual, real-life situations and presents the teams with valuable and realistic solutions to be implemented immediately.

Sales Training

Sales Training

Sales is something every business must master. And it doesn’t have to be difficult or uncomfortable. Business owners and sales professionals succeed when they develop a sales strategy that works in today’s marketplace. While there are certain activities that must be done in sales, how someone engages in them is unique to them, their business, their goals.


The Helbig Enterprises Sales Training program is based on the insights and philosophies in the bestselling book, Succeed Without Selling. Participants gain a valuable understanding of what sales is really all about as well as the opportunity to create their own, individual strategy.


From value and target market definition to discovery questions to account management and everything in between, participants leave with actionable steps they can implement immediately.

Time Management

Time Management

You can’t manage time. You CAN manage your decisions. In this training we begin at the beginning – what are you trying to accomplish? What do you think is getting in your way? We explore types of interruptions and obstacles as well as frequency – perceived and actual.


Attendees explore the impact of achieving their goal as well as the impact of not achieving it. Together we work on their “I Why” – their reason for needing/wanting to achieve the goal.


Once everyone has clarity around their “I Why” we explore communication strategies designed to improve buy-in and obstacle removal.


Attendees create their unique strategy for removing obstacles, setting a process for attaining their goal, and dealing with competing priorities.



All organizations have a goal ecosystem. The goals of the organization are directly related to the goals of each department, and those are then connected with the goals of the individuals. Understanding and meeting each set of goals is critical to success.


In this training program we work with company, department, and emerging leaders to understand:

  • The goals ecosystem

  • Human behavior

  • Why people do what they do

  • How to harness individual aspirations

  • How to team build

  • How to communicate effectively


The program is designed to work with actual, real-life situations the attendees are confronting. The outcome is not only a better understanding of what is happening but a strategy for overcoming leadership challenges.

Team Building

Strategic Planning & Team Building

There can be great value in working together as a team to goal set, decision make, and problem solve. Bring your team together for this interactive, action-oriented program. Starting from a place of safety and no judgment the team members discuss goals they’d like to work on as a group.


We explore situations that may occur with an emphasis on successfully navigating them as well as effective communication strategies.


Team members learn listening, communication, and problem solving skills they can use in any circumstance. Together, the team decides how they’ll move forward with an initiative. Decisions include:

  • Roles and responsibilities

  • Communication structure

  • Timeline

  • Monitoring and review process

  • Problem resolution strategies


Optional follow up session: This session is designed to be a debrief and adaptation opportunity after the team has worked together for a minimum of 30 days.


Customer Service

Dealing with customers, prospects, and co-workers can sometimes be challenging. At the same time, it’s critically important that we embrace communication and business strategies that ensure we are positively representing ourselves and our organization.

This program is designed to explore actual experiences the attendees are encountering, identify possible reasons why challenging situations occur, and develop strategies to reduce or eliminate difficult encounters.

The session begins with attendees sharing challenging situations they’ve experienced. We then explore possible reasons through group discussion and rework the event with new behaviors and new words. Next, we delve into communication strategies that work. This discussion includes listening skills training, written, verbal, and email word choice and etiquette.

The second part of the program is an exploration of what customers, prospects, and co-workers want and need. We talk about how the attendee can meet those needs. This discussion includes creating decision making and problem solving strategies, conflict resolution, and embracing a desire to help.

We wrap up the session with commitments and plans for how the attendees will interact moving forward. Everyone commits to at least one new behavior.


What's Being Said

About Diane

“Diane is an exceptional coach who offers her

wisdom generously throughout the community.

She writes, speaks, coaches and develops excellent

ideas to help business owners have measurable

success with sales. She is creative, flexible,

professional and accountable. As a speaker, Diane

is very organized and gets her point across very well.”

— Betsy M.

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