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Surviving The Great Resignation

Bob Wiesner encourages teams to work smarter, not harder, by reducing pitching frequency in favor of focusing on quality. Wiesner posits that pitching too much creates conditions that play right into the Great Resignation Mindset by minimizing creativity, stifling individual contributions and collaboration, and isolating workers from the bigger purpose of the organization. Bob joins our host, Diane Helbig, to share his thoughts and ideas on this subject.

After 18 years with the world’s largest ad agencies, Bob Wiesner shifted his focus to the individual persuasion of a seller relative to a buyer. Wiesner has advised on 400+ transactions in the last 25 years. His clients have included top firms in advertising, accounting, architecture, engineering, consulting, investment banking, law, and many others. Wiesner has also consulted on Olympic bids, IPOs, and other fund-raising engagements and roadshows. He is the founder of the Artemis Partnership and is the author of Winning Is Better, available on Amazon.

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Listen to the entire episode at Accelerate Your Business Growth.

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