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Dream Achieving for High Performing Teams with Dane Espegard

Dane Espegard joins our host, Diane Helbig to discuss why it's important that we continue to follow our dreams as adults and throughout our careers. As organizations are scrambling to find and retain their best people, an investment in their teams' fulfillment is an investment in their company’s future. The Dreams Culture has the power to create teams of high performers who achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Dane is a culture consultant who teaches, assists and executes the implementation of a Culture centered around Dream Achieving. The system is bottom-up and emphasizes the development and personal lives of the team member. Dane works with companies in a very simple manner to get the culture started and leaves them with some very easy-to-implement steps.

Dane brings a successful people-oriented method to market in his latest book, The Dream Machine. Grab your free digital copy just for being a listener!

If you are a small business owner or salesperson who struggles with getting the sales results you are looking for, get your copy of Succeed Without Selling today.

If you haven’t seen all has to offer, you don’t know what you’re missing. Sign up for a free trial at

Listen to the entire episode at Accelerate Your Business Growth.

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