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Sales Sucks!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Come on, admit it. You know you hate selling. I'll bet you hate being sold as well. Sales is about discovery; about being in curious mode instead of selling mode. So many small business owners and sales professionals struggle to gain traction because their efforts are in conflict with their authenticity. Not to mention most traditional sales tactics just don't work!

Stop focusing on selling. Try building relationships instead. And while you're at it, be curious about the person you're talking to. How can you help them? Who are they? The more you know about the people and companies around you, the more valuable that knowledge is. And the more valuable you become to your clients, connections, and colleagues.

Everyone you meet is NOT a potential customer. Let go of that idea. Choose instead to view everyone you meet as unique. Decide you truly want to learn about people and see where those relationships go. They might become a client. You might become a client of theirs! Maybe they turn out to be a good resource or partner. The possibilities are endless. And the only way you actually find out where they fit in your world, or you fit in theirs, is to focus on learning instead of selling.

I promise you the business will come. You will be successful. The bonus is that you will have great clients and great relationships.

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