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Co-Create The Outcome

The other day I had a conversation with a realtor. He was explaining the challenges he had with clients who would share what they were looking for but then buy from someone else, somewhere else.

As we talked, I was reminded of the assumptions we make as salespeople. Sometimes we take the information our client shares with us as complete. And then we’re surprised when they don’t buy.

I submit this happens because we don’t go deep enough with our questions to learn what really matters to our client. In the example here, the realtor could have asked if there were other locations they’d be interested in exploring. The realtor should have discovered the reasons behind the expressed goals. Understanding why someone wants a particular product – in this case a house – helps us know how to proceed. It also provides clarity to the customer because it invites a deeper conversation. You both can explore what is an absolute and what is a wish.

Asking enough questions provides the salesperson the opportunity to educate the customer regarding expectations. It’s important to make sure your customer understands your process.

When this sort of discovery and deeper conversation occurs the parties are able to co-create the outcome. Both parties are on the same page as to what will transpire and what to expect. Future conversations will rely on the foundation built at the onset.

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