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Resumes help people focus in on their experiences and accomplishments so they can highlight their successes during a job search. So many small business owners struggle with truly embracing what sets them apart; what is special about them. The My Company Resume program is designed to help you explore the experiences and successes of your entire work history so you can identify your value and strengths as a business. We start with a simple mission statement and end with values. Throughout the program you take a deep look into the work you've done for your clients in this business and before. They all matter because they all point to what you bring to the table for prospective clients. In addition, this process provides you with a foundation for hiring effectively. Once you know what truly matters to you, you are able to seek those qualities in others. It all starts with you, your experience, your values, and your mission. At the end of the course you will have a company resume with information you can use to attract employees, and clients.

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